West Ashley Youth Sports

West Ashley Youth Sports 2015 Registration Dates:

Click for 2015 Fall Sports

Registration Dates: June 1 – July 24, 2015
(July 25 at Bee’s Landing only)

Late Registration:  July 27-31, 2015

Cost for Participation in Each Sport

$30 City/ PSD – $55 Non City/Non PSD. An addition $20 fee will be added for late registration.

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2016 Registration Dates

Spring 2016
Regular registration: January 4-30, 2016
Late registration: February 1-6, 2016
Fall 2016
Regular registration: June 6-July 30, 2016
Late registration:  August 1-6, 2016
Winter 2016/2017
Regular registration: Octobet 3-31, 2016
Late registration:  November 1-5, 2016


St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground offers a variety of Youth Sports throughout the year with West Ashley Youth Sports (WAYS), a partnership between the City of Charleston and St. Andrew’s Parish Parks & Playground

Cost for Participation in Each Sport
$30 City/ PSD – $55 Non City/Non PSD
Late Registration — $20 Late Registration Fee per participant
*First time participants need a birth certificate
* Cutoff Birth-date varies by sport

If you are registering for Soccer, Football, Cheerleading or Cross Country, it is likely you will save substantial time if you register at either of the City of Charleston Recreation Department offices in West Ashley: Bees Landing Recreation Complex or Mary Utsey Playground.  Or Click here to go to the City of Charleston’s Online Registration web page.

While you may register for Soccer, Football, Cheerleading or Cross Country at St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground or St. Andrew’s Family Fitness PLUS, each St. Andrew’s facility has only ONE workstation with the City of Charleston’s registration software installed. Therefore, there may be a significant wait to register for Soccer, Football, Cross Country or Cheerleading at St. Andrew’s Parks or St. Andrew’s Family Fitness PLUS.

The City of Charleston facilities (addresses below) each have multiple workstations available to register for Soccer, Football, Cross Country or Cheerleading, which will greatly decrease your wait time.

You may register for Baseball and Softball at either St. Andrew’s facility with minimal wait, as multiple workstations with the necessary registration software are available at St. Andrew’s for Baseball and Softball.  You may also register for Baseball, and Softball  at the City of Charleston facilitiesalthough you may have a shorter waiting time at either St. Andrew’s facility for Baseball and Softball.

How to register for West Ashley Youth Sports in person

How to register for  West Ashley Youth Sports Online

Click here to go to the City of Charleston’s Online Registration web page

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